Insurance Accounts Receivable

Team Work

Insurance accounts receivable are reviewed and worked based on the age and amount of the charge. We have a top-notch team of professionals specializing in billing and collections. The accounts receivable is fed daily into a personalized Data Queue to streamline the accounts receivable follow up process; and separated by physician practice. The charges are reviewed by your personal assigned representative and their job is to resolve denials and/or unpaid claims. We note the account with our follow up actions so that any user accessing the account can clearly see what has transpired on the account.


Denial Management

"Quality, Service & Reliability" keys on keyboard

We have the ability to track data entry errors, appeals, and can set up custom queues based on an individual practice or physician. We are able to monitor the internal productivity of our billing staff with chart and graph analysis. The reports are generated from the Electronic Remittance Notices which will show items such as “Average Days Outstanding”, “Aged Cash”, “Denial Code Analysis” and many more.

Claim Review/Appeals Process


Claims that are denied due to medical necessity or utilization are reviewed. We obtain a copy of the documentation that supports the necessity of the claim and we submit the documentation with a request for the claim to be reviewed.

Expert Claims Consultants, Inc. uses the graphs and charts to prove that the quality of our work is above the national average. We can advise potential clients how their office stacks up to the competition if they decide to keep their billing in-house.